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The 17th Congressional District of Florida includes all of Charlotte, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades, Desoto, and Hardee counties, and parts of Hillsborough, Polk, Lee, and Manatee counties.

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Brief bio of Will Bronson:

After graduating from college in 1961 with a BA in Economics, Bronson joined the US Navy at Pensacola where he was trained as a naval aviator. After five years of service he began a 25 year career as a pilot for Delta Airlines.

In 1978 he declared his second candidacy for Congress on the Tea Party Ship in Boston Harbor as a Republican receiving 46.5% of the vote. While flying out of Atlanta he ran in 1984 for what was Dr. Larry McDonald's seat in Congress receiving 45%. McDonald died aboard the Korean Airliner Flight 007 that was shot down over Russia in 1983.

After retiring in 1991, Bronson moved to Florida and later earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bronson says: "I parted ways with the Republican Party when Bush took us to war in Iraq. Also, I've become concerned by the abuses of corporatism in the US."



The Problem:


Over half of all members of Congress (including your incumbent) are millionaires or multi-millionaires.


Should we be surprised when the "system" is slanted in favor of the super-rich at the expense of middle-class business people and the working poor ?


Why not send to Congress people who look more like us to look after the interests of us all?



If you care about


          unnecessary wars,


          income inequality,


          election reform,


          the quality of your food and environment,


please join our campaign to unseat Tea Party incumbent Tom Rooney in FL 17 Congressional District.

In 2012 we won 41.4% of the vote. With your help, we can win in 2014.


There is nothing wrong with money, but the love of money, when it comes to dominate our politics and culture, that is the problem. Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our country. But huge corporations are not playing by the rules.


The military/industrial/security complex is wasting our money, creating enemies world-wide, putting us in debt, and violating our Constitutional rights.


Big corporations' consolidations are squeezing middleclass suppliers and making wage slaves of average Americans.


Billionaires and their lobbyists are buying legislatures and legislation that gives billions of tax dollars and tax breaks to the super-rich.


Your food and our environment are being compromised by corporate irresponsibility.


My opponent voted for cuts to the Veterans Administration three years in a row. Yet the Congress rails against the VA administrators even though they don't give them the money to do their job.


Tom Rooney voted for the Monsanto rider that allows huge companies to continue using genetically modified seeds and producing genetically modified foods without proper testing or labeling.


He voted to shut down the government because his party couldn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act that helps the middleclass to afford health care.


He signed the Norquist Pledge that locks in the current system of tax bias for the rich and their huge corporations.


Why send another millionaire to Congress to support the interests of billionaires who are destroying the middle-class?


Please join our campaign. Together and with others around the nation we can make Congress look more like us and re-establish true free enterprise.


Half of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, are multi-millionaires and half become lobbyists for billionaires. It should not suprise us that they have recovered from their 2008 debacle, but average Americans lost 40% of their wealth during the biggest heist in history yet none of the bankers and other responsible parties went to jail.


Why should we elect someone who has a million dollars in obligations through campaign contributions mostly from the super-rich? Whose interests will he serve?


Pass the word. Study our website: www.BronsonForCongress.com and join our cause.






The Present Crisis by Will Bronson May 12, 2014


Our country is in severe peril, not from the outside but from within. All great empires have fallen because of corruption within their leadership. When Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia, a woman asked him: “What kind of government did you give us, Mr. Franklin?” He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”


His message was plain. The constitutional republic crafted by our fore-fathers was the best that they could do in terms of the balance of powers of the three branches of government, and representative democracy as Lincoln later said “of, by, and for the people.” But as another sage said, democracy will last only until the people find that they can vote largess from the public treasury.


Well, we’ve reached that point. But in an interesting turn of history, it is not the poor who have raided the treasury, it has been the rich and powerful. When the bonds which held the forces of predatory capitalism at bay, anti-trust laws, Glass-Steagall restraints, and progressive taxation, were systematically undone during the last half of the 20th century, our current fate was being written on the walls of Washington, D.C.


The initial rebellion of the colonies was over restraint of trade. The raid on the Tea Party ship was an attempt by our patriots to prevent the East India Tea Company from establishing a monopoly position in the colonies. As an agrarian society, there was a kind of egalitarianism that sprung from our colonists’ determination to be free of the European feudal systems that they had left. They wanted to be their own boss, grow their own food and cattle on their own land, and be left alone.


But the industrial revolution started to change things. People were moving off the farm and sweat shops were built by ambitious entrepreneurs. Men like Henry Ford who realized that he had to pay his workers enough to buy his products were in the minority. The progressive era began assembling social safety nets that tried to limit child labor, long work days, minimal safety standards, and to provide livable wages by encouraging unionism.


Today, because of globalization, automation, and information technology, we find ourselves in a world of service workers paid unlivable wages while hedge fund traders make more in one year than 80,000 NYC teachers make in three. We find the lowest level of taxation of corporations and billionaires in our county’s history while most of what tax revenues are left go to the military industrial complex to protect corporate interests abroad. The rest of our taxes go to subsidize Americans who have become wage slaves of a handful of monopolistic corporations. These same mega-corporations have spent millions of their profits by hard lobbying on who gets elected and what legislation they pass. The reason we have grid-lock in Washington is because things couldn’t get much better for those who have fixed the system, so why fix what is not broken. It’s gotten so bad that the second richest American in a moment of candor said: “This is class warfare. Our class is winning. It shouldn’t be, and I shouldn’t be paying a lower tax rate than my secretary.”


Even our Supreme Court can’t save us. By making money equivalent to speech and corporations equivalent to people, they have locked in the opinion of billionaires against the average American citizen. Only one thing can save us short of armed rebellion, which is the hidden story behind the gun law controversy, it is the ballot box. Billionaires still have only one vote each. And there are not so many of them. The average American has to rise up like the Man with the Hoe and demand change. But the trick is: who to vote for? Has everyone who seeks office been corrupted? Have the dark forces of mammon intimidated average Americans into thinking that unless they have a million dollars or are willing to sell their souls for a million dollars, they need not apply as candidates?


Well, the court is still out on that. But the odds makers know where the “smart money” goes.


If we don’t prove them wrong, we are finished.




William Bronson

For more information call Will Bronson at  239 940 6080 or write at willbronson7@gmail.com or PO Box 1507, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970.

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